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My Girl’s Skin Care for Radiated Skin

Breast cancer patients looking for a cream to spread easily over compromised skin can purchase My Girls Cream, (formerly known as My Girl’s Radiation Cream) at Lorraine’s.

My Girls™ same creamy formula, now with a new look, has won praise from people undergoing radiation therapy as it fills a void for those seeking a cream that spreads easily over skin that may become compromised after radiation. “This cream was a miracle cream for me. It has the consistency of whipped cream and spreads easily over the breast.” said Maggie Caraco, breast cancer survivor and user of My Girls Cream.

mygirlsskincreamSkin Care for Radiated Skin

  • 10 % Calendula – more than other calendula creams.
  • Topical agents such as Tromaline, Biafine® and Aloe Vera, often recommended to breast cancer patients who undergo radiation, have been found not as effective as Calendula-based topical agents (2011 Oncology Nursing Society evidence-based study).
    Journal of Clinical Oncology study finds calendula significantly reduces radiation induced pain and itching.
  • Honey, rose petal and natural oils protect skin from rash and inflammation and aid in healing.
  • Made without fragrance, alcohol, toxic chemicals, mineral oil or petroleum.
  • Non-greasy and does not stain clothing.
  • Specially formulated by a team of dermatologists, cosmetologists and chemists for breast cancer patients.
  • Recommended in 100+ radiation treatment centers and hospitals in the U.S. because it spreads easily over delicate skin and helps prevent delays in treatment

“I think My Girls Cream should be in front of every cancer patient and every medical professional in the cancer business. The name along brings comfort and we all know what the other benefits are”
Eileen Tye, breast cancer survivor

“I burned by finger on the stove, I applied My Girls Cream and the burning feeling immediately went. The redness healed very quickly.”
Barb Daize, Burlington, Ont