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Getting transportation to treatment

wheelsofhopelogo-ON-ENSometimes simply getting to treatment can be difficult. If you can’t afford the cost of travel, if you are not physically well enough to use public transportation or if you feel uncomfortable facing travel alone, Wheels of Hope can work with you to help find a solution.

Patients registered with the Wheels of Hope transportation service will be picked up and taken to their appointment by a volunteer driver. This is a shared-ride program that not only provides transportation but also offers a friendly, supportive environment along the way.

New patients who register with Wheels of Hope will be required to pay a one-time $100 registration fee. Children 18 years old or under will not be charged. If you are unable to pay the full registration fee, you may be eligible for assistance through the compassionate program. For more information on the registration process, please read the FAQ.

All of the transportation services are coordinated locally. To find out what’s available in your area, contact your local Canadian Cancer Society office, or call toll-free at 1-888-939-3333 or email .

Want to help? Consider becoming a volunteer driver or making a donation to help them provide these important support services.

Looking for the Driver Information Centre? If you already are a volunteer driver, check out the Driver Information Centre to learn more about the reimbursement rates.

Testimonial – Your mom would be very proud of how you are helping other women through such a tough time!!

Hi Crystal.

It’s Angela, Mary’s daughter. (name changed to protect identity)

I know she’ll likely be in touch with you early this week but I wanted to reach out to you personally.

I wanted to send a huge thank you for trusting my mom to bring all of those undergarment options. I think it made such a difference to be able to try things on in the privacy of my own bedroom, without the rush of a store clerk waiting for feedback from outside a change room. I love the fact that your studio has a mobile service, I’m sure your clients value that immensely!!

I know my mom told you that a good friend of mine had thoughtfully ordered some items for me in advance. It was from online, and she just went by the most recommended off the site. When I received them it kind of sent me into an emotional spiral…they were esthetically designed for a 70 year old woman. I just thought, ‘how am I going to get dressed and look normal’.

I consider myself a fashionable person, so my biggest worry was how I was still going to be able to wear my nice clothes, look presentable (and symmetrical) and still present as a young 30 something woman. I stayed in the same wrap sweater for a week! I tried stuffing my regular bras but that didn’t work…and not so comfortable on the sensitive spot.

Needless to say, I chose two of the bras and one of the inserts. My skin is still quite sensitive so I can only wear the bra for a short time. But they allow me to go out of the house without being self conscious!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love Ange

p.s. your mom would be very proud of how you are helping other women through such a tough time!!