Your journey in life is personal and intimate and you should expect the same for your fitting experience.

In 2007, I lost my Mom to cancer and from that day forward life has never been the same.  In chatting with others, whether friends, family, colleagues, or a friend of a friend, I soon realized that everyone in the circle of life has one way or another been touched by the "C" word.

In 2011, one of Mom's best friends and close friend of the family was diagnosed with breast cancer. We were with her on her journey from start to finish that year beginning with the mastectomy right through to chemotherapy and radiation treatments and on to the celebration of the last treatment and the beginning of the new normal.

These cancer journeys made me realize that a lot of love, help and support in addition to specialty items are required along the way.  I came to realize that our west-end communities composed of West Ottawa, Kanata, Stittsville, Carleton Place, Almonte, Perth in addition to other valley towns did not have a 'shoppe' that supported breast care for women whom have a mastectomy or have other physical requirements for breast forms.

So we are here for you!  Lorraine's, in a tastefully decorated heritage home, will provide you with a personal, private experience.

You will be greeted with warm slippers (depending on season) and beverage of choice. Lorraine's is not a store, it's a destination on this part of your life journey.


As a Breast Cancer survivor and a cancer patient counsellor myself, I think it is so wonderful that we have Lorraines`right here in C.P! Wish it had been here when I needed this support! It`s such an important service and support to women fighting breast cancer all over Lanark County and the Ottawa valley! It`s crucial that local women have a place that is close to home, part of their community, easily accessible and welcoming. I fully support Lorraines and suggest you check it out - even if you don`t have breast cancer, you will likely soon know some woman who will benefit from their excellent services. - Allison Adamovits MSW, RSW. Carleton Place Positive Change Centre.

Crystal Harris and her mom Lorraine