BRA Day was a great information evening in Ottawa about Breast Reconstruction

bra-infographicOn Wednesday, October 21, 2015, I attended Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day in Ottawa at the EY Centre.

It was an excellent find for Lorraine’s! Until now, I was unaware of such a fabulous event.

It was a great evening filled with many doctors, plastic surgeons, breast cancer surgeons and oncologists all part of The Ottawa Hospital.

The evening is information packed about breast cancer, the many types, the different solutions and therapies and of course breast reconstruction and what is involved in that decision.

It was a very comfortable environment where many questions were asked of doctors. After the presentations there was an opportunity to meet women who were either in the process of reconstruction or have completed the process. There was even an actual show and tell in a private change room area.

Lorraine’s was fortunate to be invited as one of the approximately 10 information booths set up around the perimeter of the hall.

It was a super opportunity for women to network with doctors and other women on the cancer journey to better determine next steps along the way and whether or not reconstruction would be an interest or possibility.

Here is a link to a story about the event by CBC Radio. Nancy Carter and plastic surgeon, Dr. Kirsty Boyd. They spoke with Robyn Bresnahan, host of CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning, about Nancy’s breast reconstruction procedure and the Bra Day event at the E.Y. Centre on Uplands Drive.

I am  looking forward to next year’s event in October 2016!