Breast Prosthesis

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TLBC_0003_Jpeg3-450x450NEW – Model 151 – “Sublime Arís”


Sublime Arís offers all the outstanding features of the original Sublime, with the following modifications:

  • Thinner skin-like outer layer for a delicate soft feel
  • Fuller projection
  • Extra soft middle layer to mimic the movement of natural breast tissue
  • Smaller base for an enhanced fit
  • A subtle, hand embossed integrated nipple and areola
  • New engraved bow on the back

Shape: Symmetrical Triangle
Sizes: 4-12
Fit: Average

Model 10672 – ABC MyForm™ Lightweight


10672Fit: Features the classic triangle shape allowing you to create a profile based on the needs of your patient.

Function: Designed with a special back layer compartment to allow for adjustability and fitting versatility with the use of a hypoallergenic fiber fill. Included in the ABC MyForm™ package is a single pouch of hypoallergenic fiber fill.

Formula: Crafted with Lightweight silicone. Lightweight breast forms lessen the weight on the chest wall and shoulders for a comfortable fit.

Sizes: 1 – 12R
Colour: Blush


Model 150 – “Sublime”

sublime3-450x450The newest innovation in lightweight breast forms! Sublime is the lightest silicone prosthesis available. The incredibly soft triple layer silicone, differing in density and texture, creates a natural feel and breast movement. The back features a honeycomb design to allow for breathability, while the imprinted fan design enhances cooling by allowing moisture and body heat to disperse. The entire form features a tapered edge to create a seamless and intimate fit. The front of the form has a discreet integrated nipple and areola design for a natural feminine look.
Features include:

  • Incredibly soft triple layer design for more natural feel and movement
  • Beautiful natural shape and drape will complement your silhouette
  • Advanced fan shaped design for enhanced cooling and breathability
  • Finest tapered edges for a seamless and intimate fit
  • Discreet integrated nipple and areola design for a more natural feminine look
  • Lightest, most comfortable breast form available
  • Cover included
  • 2 year warranty

Sizes: 4-12


BodiCool Partial Triangle


The unique cooling technology found in the original BodiCool and BodiCool Wave breast forms is now available in the new BodiCool Partial Triangle!  Made from a lightweight, translucent silicone, the BodiCool Partial Triangle is recommended for women following lumpectomy and breast reconstruction surgeries.

Features include:

  • Tapered edge providing a seamless look
  • TruCool gel delivering advanced comfort
  • Triangular shape offering greater coverage
  • Versatility of wearing with or without a pocketed bra


Aquaflow – Swimform


  • Molded, fast-dry spacer
  • Breathable foam for support and structure
  • Lightweight beads do not absorb water and dry quickly
  • Flattering, natural profile, whether active or lying down
  • Water resistant satin drawstring bag can be used to carry a wet swimsuit or other damp items
  • Satin garment loop can be used to pin into a garment

Shape: Symmetrical Triangle

Sizes: 3 – 14


Aquaflow – Swimform


This clear silicone swim prosthesis gives a fantastic shape in your swimsuit. It is robust and comes with a two year guarantee. Ideal for regular swimmers. It’s hollow back allows water or perspiration to drain away freely and air to circulate. This waterproof swimform is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Can be worn on left or right side.

Can be worn in Ocean (salt water), Pool (chlorine water), Hot Tub, Sauna.

Sizes: 1 – 12


Tri-Leisure Form


  • Triangle shape fits a variety of body and surgery types
  • Weighted core provides minimal weight
  • Recommended for leisure wear

Shape:  Symmetrical Triangle

Sizes: 3 – 14

Fit: Leisure


BodiCool Triangle


  • Versatile triangle shape fits a variety of body and surgery types
  • Fits well with both underwire and softcup bras

Shape:  Symmetrical Triangle

Sizes: 1 – 14

Fit: Shallow to Average



Trulife Silk XTend


  • Pronounced extension replaces missing tissue at underarm area
  • Works well for extensive surgery sites

Shape:  Asymmetrical

Sizes: 1 – 14

Fit: Average to Full


Trulife Silk Ultima Triangle


  • Fuller triangular shape provides projection
  • Overall fuller profile
  • Concave back accommodates excess tissue

Shape:  Symmetrical Triangle

Sizes: 1 – 14

Fit: Full


Trulife Silk PlusTriangle


  • Versatile triangle shape fits most body and surgery sites
  • Conformable back provides a customized fit for any irregularities on your chest wall
  • Additional fullness and projection

Shape:  Symmetrical Triangle

Sizes: 1 – 17

Fit: Average to Full


TrulifeSilkTriangleTrulife Silk Triangle


  • Versatile triangle shape fits most body and surgery sites
  • Works well with softcup and underwire bras
  • Smooth concave back

Shape:  Symmetrical Triangle

Sizes: 1 – 17

Fit: Shallow to Average


ABC Asymmetric Air

10211i6Fit: Features a standard asymmetric shape that extends fully under the arm. Ideal for unilateral and bilateral mastectomy customers requiring a shallow to average profile in the bra cup.

Function: Side extension extends fully underneath the arm to provide a closer fit to the chest wall and add fullness to an area where breast tissue may be missing.

Formula: Crafted with Air silicone which is about 40% lighter than Standard silicone and about 15% lighter than Lightweight silicone.

Sizes: 3 – 14 L/R

Color: Blush

Model: 10211i6