Victoria’s Quilts Canada provides handmade quilts to people with cancer

Victoria’s Quilts Canada

The Mission

Victoria’s Quilts Canada’s mission is to provide handmade quilts to people with cancer in Canada. By providing these quilts, we hope to bring physical comfort to those dealing with cancer as well as spiritual comfort in knowing that they are not alone in their struggle.

About the Charity

Every month, the volunteers of Victoria’s Quilts Canada make and distribute over 400 quilts free-of-charge to individuals diagnosed with cancer across Canada. Each quilt, which represents a virtual hug, is handmade by one of about 1100 volunteers. The quilts provide comfort: spiritually, with the stress and anxiety of a cancer diagnosis, and physically, as they provide warmth during treatment. With the number of people stricken with cancer continually rising, Victoria’s Quilts Canada has seen a marked increase in the demand for quilts, and this trend is expected to increase even more. With the help of our volunteers, the community, and blessings from above, we will continue to provide comfort, both physical and spiritual, to those struggling with cancer, and we will continue to grow until the day that cancer is no longer with us.

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